Zimbabwe introduces new Comprehensive Abortion Guidelines

Positive news from Zimbabwe as the Ministry of Health signs off on new abortion care guidelines, based on recommendations from the World Health Organisation. These guidelines progress from the previous set which focused only on post-abortion care.

SAAF grantee partner Women’s Action Group is pleased to see the new guidelines in place:

“These guidelines will go a long way in saving many women and girls’ lives in Zimbabwe through comprehensive abortion care…It is really encouraging that the guidelines now focus on comprehensive abortion care and not only post-abortion care.”

Edinah Masiyiwa, Director of Women’s Action Group

However, they warn that there is more work to be done to truly reach the goal of eliminating unsafe abortions in Zimbabwe:

“While this is all positive news, I hope that the Ministry of Health will go further and examine whether the (CAC) comprehensive abortion care is meeting all the needs of women and girls in Zimbabwe…The law is from 1977 and is no longer serving the present-day.”

Edinah Masiyiwa, Director of Women’s Action Group

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