Newsletter: 28 September

Today is the day that we celebrate the hard work of SAAF’s grantee partners in ensuring no one is left behind when it comes to accessing safe abortion. The theme of this year’s International Safe Abortion Day is abortion access during the COVID-19 pandemic, with a focus on self-managed abortion.

Scroll down to see a short video we’ve made with grantee partners from six different countries, and a blogpost which shares experiences of working on abortion during the pandemic.

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Video: Self-managed abortion – the power is in our hands

Thank you to SAAF partners who helped create this short video, showing the power of abortion care being in our own hands, thanks to safe medications like Misoprostol and Mifepristone.

Please share the video using the hashtag #IManageMyAbortion.

WIth thanks to TICAH, Hidden Pockets Collective, Si Jeunesse Savait, RHTC, Socorristas En Red, and Coherinet for taking part!

Blogpost: Abortion access during COVID-19 

Since writing about the impact of the pandemic back in March, we wanted to provide an update, six months later, based on the experiences of SAAF grantee partners around the world.

This blogpost on the Girls’ Globe site provides an insight into the challenges organisations have faced, as well as the positive ways they are continuing to make a change.

Blogpost: Medical abortion around the world

And because it’s 28th September, here’s another blogpost! Thanks to UK young people’s sexual health charity Brook for publishing our blogpost “Abortion pills save lives”.

“So what’s stopping every country stepping up and allowing for easier access to abortion medications at a time when travelling to healthcare facilities is restricted? Quite simply, abortion stigma.”