The latest SAAF Annual Report is ready to read!

We’re pleased to be able to share our 2019 Annual Report – giving you an overview of our work last year and the incredible achievements of SAAF’s grantee partners.

For example, our cover stars, Health Development Initiative (HDI) whose advocacy work has led to substantial change in Rwanda. HDI has been at the forefront of pushing for improved legislation on abortion and thanks to their campaigning, last year, the President released hundreds of women imprisoned for abortion related offences. The photo above shows one of their advocacy training sessions with sex workers, ensuring they have the information they need to realise their reproductive rights.

Check out the report on our website

You can find the 2019 report (and all previous SAAF Annual Reports) on our website here. To directly download the 2019 report just click here.

Thank you to SAAF partners for all your work

With thanks to all those featured in the report for all the important work they do. Here’s a quote from the report by SAAF board member Génesis Luigi:

“SAAF grantee partners are challenging systems of oppression by advancing the realization of abortion rights for everyone, no matter what and no matter where.

As a SAAF board member, I’ve had the privilege to know the work of our partners from Mexico to Nepal and see how they are transforming their communities by listening, learning, and debating how to make the movement for abortion rights more critical, free from stigma, and anchored to a reproductive justice lens.” 

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