Solidarity for abortion rights

As always, International Safe Abortion Day on 28th September provided us with an opportunity to reflect on the gains which have been made, as well as the injustices people all over the world still face when it comes to their reproductive rights.

We have loved seeing photos and updates from SAAF grantee partners around the world. The photo above shows a public demonstration by Nèges Mawon in Haiti. Mabia Ghana launched a new hotline to provide SRHR support, and WGNRRVisible Impact and Jeunes Volontaires pour la Santé all held artistic events to mark the day.

Making connections in Latin America and the Caribbean

Thanks to Inroads for hosting a regional gathering for abortion rights activists across the Latin America and Caribbean region. Laura G from the SAAF team and Eugenia from our board were able to meet with grantee partner organisations, as well as represent SAAF in a discussion about trust-based funding.

SAAF grantee partners in the news

Grantee partner spotlight: Women’s Action Group

SAAF grantee partner Women’s Action Group (WAG) is celebrating 40 years of supporting women and girls in Zimbabwe. WAG was formed in 1983 in response to over 6000 women being arrested for walking alone at night. This injustice brought together ordinary women compelled to fight for their rights and the rights of others.

Receiving funding from SAAF since 2017, WAG works to improve women and girls’ knowledge of their reproductive rights and access to safe abortion. One aspect of this is to provide counselling and support to those who have experienced gender-based violence – this includes an emergency fund to support survivors to access safe abortion and post-abortion care services when they need them.

Read more about WAG’s approach to reproductive justice in Zimbabwe.

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