Young woman who had an abortion at Si Mujer

I’m 18 years old, I live in Cali, and I’m studying to be a flight attendant.

I think that all young people should have the same sexual and reproductive rights, including the right to have a safe abortion. When we learn about abortion in school, we know what the law is but we don’t have practical information about where to go.

When I found out I was pregnant and needed to have an abortion I spoke to Maria Paula.

She was the person who told me more about the services that were carried out at Si Mujer, and she was the one who eventually accompanied me to have the procedure. I knew that she was connected to their clinic, and that she is a person I can trust, so I decided to go to her.

When I went to the clinic, the staff there gave me reassurance before the process, and I felt very confident in everything. You could see that they were professional, capable people and they made me feel respected.

Sofia (right) with Maria Paula (left)

I think, in the 21st century, abortion should be considered normal and not something to be afraid of.

At least in my social sphere it is easy to talk about it – you know who you can talk freely about it with, and who you can’t. 

If a woman has a procedure like this because she doesn’t want to have a baby, it should not become something that people judge her for. I think it should be something that all women should know about and that all women should have access to if they need it.