SAAF receives A+ performance score

SAAF has received an A+ for our performance in 2023

SAAF donor FCDO has awarded us an A+ performance score as part of their Grassroots Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Programme. 

Thanks to the hard work of our grantee partners and staff team, SAAF was commended for exceeding all of our milestones last year. We’re very proud that our work was recognised in this review – as being “robust and efficient, providing good value for money.” 

Can you provide technical support on safety and security?

Our grantee partners mostly operate in settings where abortion services are legally restricted. They can face harassment, arrest and digital and physical attacks for the work that they do. We are therefore looking for providers of technical support on safety and security to support abortion advocates and providers.

SAAF is seeking proposals from organisations with experience providing technical support on safety and security to human rights defenders. We require people who can work in English, French, Spanish or any combination of these languages.

Information is available on our website in EnglishFrench and Spanish. We will be accepting proposals until 30th January 2024.

SAAF grantee partners in the news

Current funding opportunities
  • Doria Feminist Fund is offering grants to feminist individuals and groups in the MENA region (Algeria, Jordan, Oman, Sudan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Qatar, Tunisia, Libya, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Morocco, Somalia, Yemen). Apply in Arabic, French and English. Deadline is 31st January.
  • The International Trans Fund is inviting proposals from trans-led groups around the world. Apply in English, French, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish. Deadline is 31st January.
  • Afya na Haki Institute hosts the African Reproductive Justice Litigation Fund which is open to indigenous African organisations based in Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Senegal, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. Deadline is 1st February.

SAAF grantee partner spotlight: Women Spaces Africa

Women Spaces Africa (WSA) is a feminist disability-led grassroots organisation in Kenya which focuses on improving reproductive health and rights for women with disabilities. WSA started receiving SAAF funding in 2022 and has been carrying out monthly abortion dialogues with girls and women with disabilities. 90% of people who participated in the sessions are now aware of how and where to access safe abortion services.

WSA makes referrals for those who need to access reproductive health services, and is able to ensure these are provided at a subsidised or free rate as cost can often be an issue.

WSA is additionally in the process of developing content for a YouTube channel which will provide accurate information on medical and self-managed abortion in sign language for the Deaf community.

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