Reclaiming safe abortion access in Haiti

Legal abortion is extremely restricted in Haiti. SAAF grantee partner Nègès Mawon works to advocate for a change in law, and to raise awareness of safe abortion methods.

An article for Yes Magazine outlines the many ways in which the organisation is reaching the public with messages about safe abortion:

Haitian feminists are battling centuries of patriarchal norms in their fight for abortion rights using creative means including underground networks, political activism, and art.

Jade Prèvost-Manuel

Pascale Solages, co-founder and general coordinator of Nègès Mawon is quoted in the article:

“It’s this thing that’s prohibited, [yet] the reality is that abortion is a part of Haitian women’s lives…We all know a dozen places where someone can get an abortion, or where we can go to get an abortion cheaply, in extreme conditions… (But) there’s no reliable information out there that tells women how they can abort their pregnancies using this medication, how to do it, the dose they need to take, the risks involved, etc.” 

Pascale Solages

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