Positive abortion news from 2022

The reversal of Roe Vs Wade in the US took up a lot of headlines this year, and we stand in solidarity with those fighting to reclaim and progress reproductive rights in the States. We continue to speak with global partners about the repercussions this move has had on their own work. However, for our end of year newsletter we always like to share good news about abortion rights and access

Tamtang Group, Thailand
  • In February, Colombia decriminalised abortion, meaning it is now available on request up to 24 weeks of pregnancy. SAAF grantee partner Si Mujer continues to work to ensure this very progressive legal change is recognised in the healthcare system, and understood by women and pregnant people all over the country.

  • In Mexico, a number of states have voted to liberalise abortion on request up to 12 weeks. In October, Quintana Roo became the 11th state in the country to do so.

  • In Sierra Leone, SAAF grantee partner WHRRO has been part of an advocacy push to legalise abortion and in July the President committed to support the Safe Motherhood and Reproductive Health Act.

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