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In Lebanon abortion is only legally permitted to save the life of the pregnant person. Those who are able to access safe abortion services tend to have access to funds and relevant networks, meaning that women from lower socioeconomic backgrounds are particularly vulnerable to unsafe abortions and forced pregnancies. This SAAF funded project aims to make information about sexual and reproductive health and rights accessible to those who face the most barriers.
80% of women of reproductive age in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region live in countries with restrictive abortion laws. Groupe Tawhida Ben Cheikh (GTBC) use SAAF funding to expand and strengthen a nascent network of organisations working on abortion rights in the MENA region, which was established in 2019. GTBC is based in Tunisia where abortion was legalised in 1973.

This network brings together individuals and organizations committed to a human rights and gender-sensitive approach to safe abortion. A regional platform has been created to share good practices and advocacy campaigns in the region. The alliance will work on improving the provision of safe abortion services and/or the prevention of unsafe abortion, through changes in legislation, policy and public and professional attitudes. Young people's participation in the network will be ensured through creating a regional offshoot of The International Campaign for a Woman's Right to Safe Abortion's international youth network.

Visit the Groupe Tawhida Ben Cheikh pour la recherche et action en santé des femmes (GTBC) website.