Newsletter: Make Unsafe Abortion History

On International Safe Abortion Day, we send out appreciation to all those who bravely work to ensure that unsafe abortion becomes a thing of the past. To the people who provide safe abortion services, even where there are many barriers to doing so. And of course we send love to all those who have abortions, and the people who support them.

For more information about the day check out the September28 website and join in on social media using the hashtag #MakeUnsafeAbortionHistory.

Girls Globe Instagram Takeover!

SAAF is taking over the Girls Globe Instagram page!

Make sure you follow @girlsglobe and @safe_abortion to see posts and stories about the important work of SAAF grantee partners.

At 12pm UTC (1pm London, 3pm Nairobi, 7pm Bangkok) on Tuesday 28th September we will be hosting an Instagram Live discussion with SAAF grantee partner Tamtang Group.

Abortion was legalized in Thailand in February this year. May and Yayha from Tamtang will speak about their role in the movement which led to this victory, and share advice on publicly advocating for safe abortion.

Send your support to people who’ve had abortions

Unfortunately, people can still face stigma and discrimination for ending pregnancies, even though abortion is very common around the world. SAAF grantee partner WGNRR is leading an initiative to send positive messages to people who have had abortions.

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Blogpost: Self-Managed Abortion in Sub Saharan Africa

And finally, thanks to SAAF grantee partner Mama Network for this blogpost outlining the amazing work of their partners across Sub Saharan Africa.

“This International Safe Abortion Day, if you are a network, a movement, a women’s rights organization, a donor, or simply an advocate for the right to safe abortion, you shouldn’t lose the hope that we will achieve abortion rights for all.”

Read MAMA’s blogpost

*Header photo courtesy of Women’s Action Group, Zimbabwe.