Kenyan Government Approves Self-Care Guidance for Reproductive Health

SAAF grantee partners in Kenya are pleased to announce that in January 2023, the Ministry of Health approved the National Guideline for Self-Care in Reproductive Health.  

This is a huge milestone for those working on improving access to reproductive health care in the country, where many still face obstacles accessing sexual and reproductive health care when they need it. 

Kenya becomes one of the first African countries to domesticate the World Health Organisation (WHO) Guideline of Self-Care Interventions for Health and Wellbeing (joining Nigeria, Senegal and Uganda). The purpose of the document is to provide guidance on self-care interventions to health care providers and other stakeholders in reproductive health.  

“Self-care interventions have the potential to increase choice, where they are accessible and affordable, and they can also provide more opportunities for individuals to make informed decisions regarding their health.” 

National Guideline for Self-Care in Reproductive Health

The guidance contains recommendations on a range of reproductive health care related issues, such as contraception, antenatal care, STIs, menstrual care and post-abortion care. 

What remains is the launch of the guideline and implementation at the county level so that the information and commodities can reach low income women living in rural areas.

View the Guideline here.

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