Our approach to funding

We believe that people who can get pregnant, local organisations, healthcare providers, and their communities are best positioned to identify the barriers to safe abortion services and to develop acceptable and creative solutions for their local context. We support locally led initiatives that provide abortion services to the fullest extent allowed and at the highest possible standards of care; and organisations which advocate for legal and policy reforms in countries where abortion is restricted.

We achieve our goals by:
  • Funding context-specific initiatives led by diverse groups, with a focus on those serving the most marginalized women, girls and others
  • Offering organisational support to grantee partners to become more effective, equitable, and efficient
  • Building a global network of connected and empowered champions for abortion rights
SAAF provides flexible multi-year grants, that can be used for specific projects or to support the work of organisations more generally. We fund any work related to abortion, including service provision, political advocacy, behaviour change initiatives, public campaigns, and more.

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