15 years of funding abortion: SAAF 2021 Annual Report 

Today, we are publishing the 2021 SAAF Annual Report which celebrates 15 years of SAAF providing funding and support to grassroots organisations working on abortion access in low- and middle-income countries. 

Since 2007 we have provided just over $56 million of funding to 210 organisations in 74 countries around the world. 

The Annual Report also shares updates on the amazing accomplishments SAAF grantee partners achieved last year. 

  • For example, in Thailand, abortion is now available on request in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, thanks to the efforts of advocates like SAAF partner Tamtang Group. They continue to lobby for full decriminalisation of abortion, as well as providing practical support via a confidential talk-line. 
  • In Mexico, Fondo Maria has supported over 1000 people to travel to Mexico City to access safe abortion services, and has trained doulas to provide emotional and practical support to people seeking abortions. 
  • GREENER in Nigeria has been working with riverine communities to ensure their access to good quality reproductive health services. This includes organising free boat trips for women and girls in remote areas to be able to access contraception services. 
90 organisations were supported by SAAF in our latest round of funding, which ended in March 2022. 

From 2017 to 2022, these organisations provided over 200,000 safe abortion and post-abortion services through their SAAF funded work. They also trained over 1,500 new abortion care providers. 

We are proud to have been an unwavering source of abortion-focused funding for over 15 years now. And we will continue to be part of the global movement which fights for better access to safe abortion options, the removal of legal and practical barriers to abortion, and the reduction of abortion stigma. 

We are excited to begin a new round of funding support in 2022. 

A number of our existing partners will continue to receive SAAF funding, and we are also welcoming a new cohort of organisations to the SAAF family. Watch this space for more information on these new grantee partners, but for now, check out the Annual Report to find out more about the work so far. 

The Annual Report is now also available in French and Spanish.

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